Sport And Traffic Technologies

    Established in 2001, SATT is a market leader in supplying Engineered Solutions into the transportation, sports scoring and commercial signage markets. Our company boasts multiple installations, over a broad client base, situated across several countries around the globe. SATT is an Original Equipment Manufacturer, with exceptional engineering and research and development capabilities. This, in conjunction with our extensive industry experience and proven track record in both the public and private sectors, makes SATT an invaluable asset for any project team. From systems design, through manufacture, integration, installation and beyond, SATT offers turnkey complete solutions.


    Variable Message Signs

    The National Transportation Communications for Intelligent Transportation System Protocol (NTCIP) is an industry wide standard data communications protocol, designed to facilitate interoperability and interchangeability between computers and electronic traffic control equipment from different manufacturers. SATT VMS are manufactured to meet the stringent American NEMA TS4 and European EN12966 specifications and are fully NTCIP compliant.

  • LED Displays

    Commercial Signage

    SATT offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor full colour signs, all at extremely competitive prices. These signs have high resolution and image quality, wide viewing angles, auto dim/bright circuitry and are easily maintained. These are just some of the many standard features. Content (Video & Image) display is done so via an easy to use software interface.

  • Parking

    Intelligent Parking Guidance

    The SATT Parking System "Glance Parking" guides motorists from the point of entry off the public road, through the process of selecting which parking area to use, to a floor with available parking, then to an aisle where parking is available, and finally to an empty parking bay. The main objective being to advise motorists of available parking in multiple parking zones and allowing them to make decisions on where to park long before critical intersections are reached thus reducing time spent looking for available parking spaces. Glance Parking is an effective tool with which to monitor and run the entire parking facility efficiently and effectively.

  • Full Matrix Trailer

    Portable Changeable Message Trailers

    The FMT (Full Matrix Trailer) is designed for highway and city usage to help minimize traffic delays and improve road safety within work zones. This is achieved by conveying regulatory, warning and guidance information related to traffic control and work zones to all motorists within the vicinity thus improving overall road safety conditions.

  • Speed Sign Trailer

    Portable Changeable Message Trailers

    The SST (Speed Sign Trailer) from SATT is aimed at traffic calming within road work and road maintenance zones. The SST combines a static speed limit sign with an electronic sign and radar. The static sign denotes the speed limit within the work zone while the radar detects vehicle speed within the work zone, compares this to a preset threshold, and warns motorists exceeding this threshold to slow down. The static speed limit sign is user changeable from 60 to 80 to 100kph. Speed thresholds can be set according to the static sign section through dipswitch settings.

  • Transit VMS

    Variable Message Signs

    SATT offers a range of VMS to provide the public with real-time information within the transit environments. The displays can be used to show a variety of messages including bus and train departure times, platform details, schedule changes, route numbers and any other details that will guarantee a successful journey by providing clear and precise information.

  • Engineered Solutions

    Fuel, Mining & Construction Applications

    The Realtime® suite of products provides all the information from everywhere, at the right time, in the right format, to the right person, allowing them to do their work effectively. The Realtime® suite uses multiple device inputs to collect information and automatically update Glance, our centralised WEB based platform. The Glance platform provides a means for equipment owners and operators to have an unprecedented level of control and monitoring for their entire fleet, regardless of the make and model. The raw data can be sourced from your existing telematics devices or databases. If the infrastructure is not yet installed, hardened telematics units designed to wirelessly communicate over a variety of network infrastructures are available to get the data to the Glance servers.

  • Sport Scoring

    Electronic LED Scoreboards

    SATT LED scoreboards are capable of showing graphics, animations and text at up to 25 frames a second. The system comes with a comprehensive editing and file display package, offering a powerful means of adding to the entertainment in the stadium environment. Standard scoring packages include WinRugby, WinSoccer and WinCricket